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Smoking cabines

The modular built SmoCabin can be placed in any existing interior, alone or in combination with separation walls, for example, in one corner of a room. This allows your employees to smoke close to the workplace, without inconvenience and time loss.

Invisible in a colom, the smoke will be guided trough our soundproof and patent filtering system. This system has a very powerfull exhaust hood, which leads the smoke trough technically advanced filters, which are especially designed to free the air from all smoke particals and other inpurities.

Due to the powerfull sucking device, there will be a slight under pressure in the Smocabin. This is why no smoke can escape and you will have a continuous flow of fresh air. There is no need to hook up with any exsisting airco or connection with the outside.

Because Smocabins are completely made with durable materials, this Smocabin can also be placed in less obvious  places like;car parks, factory floors, etc,etc.

Since the Smocabin does not contain expensive product like glass, we can offer this cabin for a very attractive prize.

Why our product:

  • Room for max. 6 smokers at once
  • Simple to extend.
  • Low costs.
  • Can be placed everywhere.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable materials.
  • Cabin can be closed.
  • The smoke stays in the Smocabin.
  • Unique filters.
  • Optimized for a short stay.

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