The iGrow box is a multifunctional irrigation system that can be used for various applications. The iGrow cultivating systems are plug and play and have a FirePro fire extinguishing system so you can safely and without experience grow your crops.

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Inventive Light Systems is your partner in safe, small scale (hobby) culture solutions.

Various possibilities:

  • Housing of bonsai trees
  • Housing for non winter-proof plants.
  • Small scale cultivating of (biological) vegetables, herbs and spices.
  • Fire proof lamps for green houses or in combination with our interior planting.
  • Drying and cloning solutions for plants.
  • Fire proof housing units for ballast blocks.
  • Plug and play systems for garden green houses, to cultivate vegetables and other crops.


Safety !!!

Safe cultivating is for Inventive Light Systems the highest priority. Together with an authorised authority Inventive Light Systems has enhanced the fire resistance up to 100%. Firepro aerosol from CFS proved to be the best.
The FirePro aerosol extinguisher and fire fighting system, once activated triggers a reaction in wich the
aerosol binds with the free radicals from the combustion. This way of extinguishing is 100% safe for human, animal or crop.

Downloads: Manual iGrow Senior | Manual iGrow XL | Manual iGrow clone-box

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